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  • If I already have the basic knowledge and understanding of music will I still need the 8 weeks?
    The 8-week course is tailored specifically to the learner’s needs and ability. CI academy focuses on the whole 360 aspect of entrainment and through 8 week we assess, analyses and critic.
  • What is discussed at a meeting?
    We will discuss every aspect of the academy, DJ questionnaire, booking agreements, payments, future goals/visions + many more
  • Do you have back-up equipment?
    Absolutely. We have a back-up system as well as a back-up DJ/Tutors.
  • How can do I know the availability of my tutor?
    Contact us by phone or email and we will check to see if they are ability
  • Do the session have to be 8 consecutive weeks?
    No they work on the availability of both parties
  • When should I book my date with the tutor?
    A: It is recommended to book with us as soon as you know your available dates. We have limited availability and we book up fast.
  • What happens if the tutor that is booked for a session is unable make it, to due too serious illness?"
    If this were to happen, then another Tutor from our staff would handle the session. All of our Tutors' are professionally trained to teach any level of student.
  • How long does it take you to set-up and breakdown a your portable set?
    It takes us anywhere from 15-20 minutes depending on what we are brining.
  • How much music do you need to have in order to run all genres of music in a party?
    We have over 100,000 songs and counting covering all genres and ages. Music going as far back as the 70s as well as today’s newest hits. One of the main visions of CI academy is to train, grow and develop all DJs/Hosts to be able to cater for all different types of gigs.
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