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Master Of Ceremony

Wedding MC

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Newly Wed Couple
Duties and Tips for the Master of Ceremonies (MC)

The main duty of the Master of Ceremonies (MC) is to keep the evening flowing smoothly through all the formalities of the night. 
There are several key tasks or responsibilities that fall to the MC - I've listed them here in order from the beginning of the evening through to the end of the night.

The MC should start the evening by introducing themself to everyone during or at the end of canapes when asking everyone to move into the dining area of the reception if it is a seated wedding. If it is a cocktail style wedding then this should be done at the beginning of canapes.

When everyone has moved in and is seated (for a sit-down reception), the MC should inform the guests of any "housekeeping" (where the restrooms are located, where exits are located in case of a fire and where the designated smoking area is located). The MC's next duty is to inform the guests of the timing or the running order of events, such as servers coming around to take main and or entree orders, when the speeches are going to be, when is dessert, cutting of the cake, first wedding dance and when the reception will conclude.

The next duty at this point would be to start introducing the wedding party in pairs and allowing a time gap between couples so as they can get to the wedding table. Once all the the wedding party has entered and is standing behind their chairs then the MC should ask everyone to be upstanding and once everyone is standing, then the MC can introduce the newlyweds. Once the happy couple have taken their seats then the MC can ask everyone to be seated.

In regards to the speeches this is a personal thing and every speaker is different and special. Usually the MC might add a bit of humour or a few short personal stories about the couple if they are close friends before calling the first speaker. The MC needs to keep an eye on the clock and liaise with the functions manager so that when the kitchen is ready to have the meals come out, they can edit the running order if speeches start to run past the allotted time in the schedule. If the speeches have concluded before the meals are ready to be served, then sweet! You are ahead of the game (this rarely happens at weddings by the way).


The MC should liaise with the band leader or DJ so as to help keep the music flowing so that there is no gaps or silence during the night. A good DJ or band never lets this occur and is always on it and ready.

As the evening progresses, the MC should maintain communication with the newlyweds in case they would like to savour some special moments that may move the time line out a bit here or there. Usually before dessert the MC will ask the newlyweds to come up the cake for a ceremonial cutting, usually accompanied with a pre-chosen song, then announce to all the guests that they can capture this special moment with cameras and video, usually allowing the professional photographer to take the first lot of pictures.

Next is the wedding dance which the MC will announce. Once the couple have had a minute or two, depending on whether the couple have a choreographed dance that lasts the whole song, the MC then asks the wedding party to come up to the dance floor then a half a minute or so later asks the parents of the couple to come up onto the dance floor to join the group. After this the MC invites everyone onto the dance floor and the party begins. If after an hour or so the couple want to have wedding games this is when they would start. Otherwise at around 10:30 pm there would be a bouquet toss and possibly a garter toss as well, both conducted by the MC. Just before the couple are going to leave the MC should announce (as previously discussed with the newlyweds) to get all the guests to either form a circle or an archway accompanied with a special song.

The MC should inform the guests about the transportation arrangements if a bus or taxis have been pre-arranged and to remind the guests to gather all their belongings, phones, cameras, shoes, jackets, purses, etc.

The MC's final duty is to return the microphone that they have used for the evening to the supplier e.g. DJ, band, or in-house.

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